Wednesday, 31 October 2007

More Shrinkydink related woes

I'm having a hard time adjusting to coloured pencils when it comes to colouring in my shrinkies. The pencils smudge easily and I end up leaving finger prints of different colours in the wrong sections. They end up looking very messy. D: I'm very disappointed.

I tried to see if paints would work on them, but unlike the frosted ones which seem to absorb watery inks or paints, the plain white sheets seem to repel it. I'm a little lost as to what to do with them.

I have some computer printable shrinkydinks arriving in the mail soon, I hope they work more to my liking.

Happy Halloween <3

Tuesday, 30 October 2007


I've just found out that my markers do not like White Shrinkydinks as they smudge, unlike the frosted shrinkydinks in which they work wonderfully on.

I now have 49 sheets of white shrinkydink plastic that will need to be coloured by hand with coloured pencils. D: Fail. I'm worried it won't have the same brightness as the marker coloured stuff.

I also burnt my hand when cooking said shrinkydinks. It hurts. D: I hate burns soo soo much.

Yay Post

Today a whole load of my eBay craft items arrived at once. Four different parcels, thats my most ever arriving at the same day.

  • Ink cartridges for my Printer which I desperately needed. I'm so glad they came so fast.
  • Sticker paper to print my art onto. Thats right! MuffinPuff ART! can now make stickers.
  • Bulk pack of ShrinkyDinks soon I shall be making a lot of cute jewellery charms.
  • 20 Cord Necklaces to attach the charms to.

Now I'm just waiting for my 1000 Jump Rings so I can attach the Charms to the necklaces and my speical shrinky dink printer paper so I can directly print my designs ready to shrink.

I already had a small play with the stickers. I'll try and get a picture of them up in the next few days.

Monday, 29 October 2007

Fun with Markers

Today I've decided to design some Zodiac girls to be made into stickers. Two are complete, two are waiting to be coloured and the rest have been planned out in rough on some scrap paper. I honestly keep forgetting just how colourful markers can be. I'd really like to stick to traditional media when making things for my store as digital is so widely used.

  • Aquarius - Completed
  • Pisces - Completed
  • Aries - Completed
  • Taurus - Completed
  • Gemini - Completed
  • Cancer - Completed
  • Leo - Completed
  • Virgo - Completed
  • Libra - Completed
  • Scorpio - Completed
  • Sagittarius - Completed
  • Capricorn - Completed

I'll update this list as I go so I know where I am. A few designs may need a little tweaking as they look a little bit off but I'm quite happy with them.

Friday, 26 October 2007

Taking Notes

Today has been very eventful for me regarding research and ideas. I now own a little red note so I can jot down any Ideas I have at any given moment. Its quite full already so I've got lots of cool things to be doing/making.

I also had a huge dig around on eBay for wholesalers. Now I have lots of links in my favourites for items like necklace cords, phone charm cords, plastic bags, printer paper and all sorts of other nice things.

This afternoon I made a Fairy in a bottle charm and two leafs charms which I will be attaching to a necklace at some point. I also made a rainbow necklace a few days ago, which I've been wearing none stop. The kids at work loved it.

Eeeeek <3 This is so much fun.

Taking a turn

I decided to rename my store and blog yesterday from Marinrin Chianne's FairyTails to MuffinPuff ART! after my little store in Gaia. I feel it rolls of the tongue better and sounds more original. There must be loads of stores named after the play on words "FairyTails" I also found a layout that suits me more, I think the older one was too plain.

Anyway, I spent some time last night designing my logos for my store and blog. I made two, one in colour and one in black and white just in case. I think they are cute! Both feature my little dog mascot MuffinPuff who I adore so much.

Last night I ordered some new ink from eBay for my printer and some sticker paper. Looks like MuffinPuff ART! will be stocking sticker soon. I'm getting quite excited! I need to get my hands on some little bags to store them in when I do sell them.

I've also been making links to stores that sell Wholesale goods I can use to make jewelry and other lovelys. This is great fun for me.

Oven Antics!

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Today I visited the craft store. I needed to get some craft wire so I could add loops to some charms I'm making, when I a came across some Plain Shrinkles plastic. Its been ages since I'd played with shrinkles, the ones I used to have were all pre-drawn. I'm so pleased they released plain sheets!

I made a phone charm for my boyfriend birthday, although I'm sure he will use it as a keyring as his phone is ancient. I also made a mermaid pendant and heart keyring. It was great fun.

I had an accident though, I did make two cookies to bake into a pair of earrings but when we popped them in the oven the fan inside blew them over and onto the bottom. So they are very overcooked and burnt cookies now which seems to be a poke at my terrible cooking skills. :(

I'm definitely going to get more of this stuff and keep working at it.

Tonight I'm going to play with some fimo!

Water Colours

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Yesterday my Mother bought me some watercolour tube paints. I've tried watercolour pencils and palates before but I've never had much luck as they are just too runny for me. These ones are awesome, aside from the fact that they were £3.50 reduced from £15.00 (if thats not a sign, nothing is) they are actually a lot easier for me to use. I still have a long way to go but I can see myself using these a lot. Below is my first water colour painting.

Wishing on Stars