Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Fun with Amigurumi

Muffin Puff Earrings
Originally uploaded by MuffinPuffART!
I've finally got round to starting some Amigurumi style crochet this weekend. I got the pattern from Mr-Funkys-Super-Crochet-Wonderful which is a fantastic book, it really inspired me. I'm now well on my way to making "Sebastian le hamster!" I'll be sure to add some pictures when I'm finished.

I signed up to Flickr the weekend that just past, and I can say its an awesome website. I actually subscribed on my second day as I was enjoying it so much. I like having a place where I can put up my doll photos as they don't get very much love on Den of Angels these days.. its grown so much since I first joined.

I'm still doing some writing work at the moment, mainly in my break when I am at work. A few little pages here and there can go a long way. I quite enjoy writing in the Primary school environment.

Now for some crafting! Heres a pair of earrings I made over the weekend featuring my very own Muffin Puff!

Friday, 23 November 2007

Call of the writer

I'm having those urges again. Urges to write children's stories. Its hard as I have so many different ideas on the go at once, I'm not really sure where to start as per usual.

I have my Jevan stories I really want to get written, but I want to be skilled enough to illustrate them myself so I'm waiting until I feel my skills will do it justice.

At the same time I want to write a different fairy story about 2 little girls, and finally the children really want me to write a short story about Robo Bunny. A character my boyfriend made up who the children absolutely adore.

If I ever do get that written and published I'm going to dedicate it to my class of 10 year olds. They have given me so much encouragement over the months.

Anyway, here's another picture I drew. I'm practicing with colours and background at the moment.

Monday, 19 November 2007

Fun with Felt

Its been quite a few days since my last post so I figured I should update.
I've got so many crafts on the go at the moment I don't know where one finishes and the other begins. X.x

I finally finished my Zodiac stickers and have them up on Deviant art. I've also draw a lot of fairy illustrations.
I'm really not sure where I should be with my arts and crafts at the moment. I really want to Crochet but I need Mum to teach me properly, I really want to weave.. but I need the Loom which I won't receive until Christmas. I'd love to make some badges but I've yet to buy the machine to make them.
I need to do more designs for stickers, but I've very torn between my different art styles at the moment.
Anyways heres a few things I have made over the last week or so.

A small penguin keychain I made out of felt.

A little Dalmation sitting in the snow. Made from Fimo.

A midnight fairy, drawn on Bristol Board and coloured with coloured pencils.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Icky sticky Varnish

My printer shrinkydinks arrived today. They cost me about £1 a sheet so I'm trying to make them worth it.
They aren't quite A4 so I've screwed up a few of my designs on them already thinking they were. Doh ><

I've printed out a few of my elemental unicorns and the Muffinpuff ART! logo as well as a few of my zodiac sticker designs. They make wonderful pendants/key chains/phone charms. I'm going to wear my Logo to work tomorrow for fun. I also made a few things for Mum.

Next Friday its book week, so I get to dress up. I'm going to go as the Queen of hearts as I have a lovely dress thats just dying to be worn. I have to make some heart/card related jewelry to jazz it up. I wonder if I should make an apron.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Drawers Block

I've been attempting to do some doodles today but I'm not having any luck. Drawers block has rushed in and decided to attack me and I've been left feeling very empty.

On a more positive note I've finally finished my Zodiac sticker designs and have put them up on Deviant to be ooed and ahhed over. I hope someone notices them soon.

I'm very proud of how they look.