Sunday, 20 December 2009

I'm Back!

I'm really terrible when it comes to keeping blogs, but I resolve to keep this one up and running in the new year. In fact it can be my New Year's Resolution!

I've made a lot of new crafts since September, mainly sock animals. I just love making sock animals.

I've currently come down with my Tradtional Christmas cold at the moment, so its unlikely I'll have anything to share till I've recovered. But I'm still very much alive and kicking!

End Transmission

Monday, 14 September 2009

So busy, no time for crafts

I've gone back to work this month, and I'm currently trying to readjust to my schedule. My body clock hates adjustments. I have Chronic Fatigue and so I need to sleep a lot, even half a days work takes a lot out of me.

Last term I was working 3 days a week with 4 days off, but this term its 5 full mornings in a Primary School and then walking home a mile and a half. Its absolutely shattering for me.

I've got so many crafts planned, but so little time to sit down and actually make anything. Which makes me sad. :(

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A gift for a new baby

This week my cousin gave birth to a little boy. The crafter in me squeed and I knew I'd have to make something for them!

I decided to use Inchies again, as they are my current obsession. It was great fun plotting what was going to be in each square, and how many I'd actually need. I used Bristol Board, a Fine liner and my fabled markers.

The hardest bit was getting them all lined up in the center of the frame and then creating a border to be honest. It's still no perfect, but at the end of the day thats part of the magic of home made items.

I just have to post it now. I really hope that she likes it.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Back in the creative Saddle

I've been feeling so lousy recently and my creativy was in a real slump but it has returned in full force!
I haven't been this creative in ages. I'm so happy it finally came back. I think its due to routines. Since I'm heading back to work next week after a long holiday and because there is no one else around in the day time at the moment my routine has been restored.

I've been making lots of appliques, I now have a few rainbow ones ready to sew onto my tank tops. As well as a new daisy brooch and a tiny bunny plush.

Last night I sat down and designed some new shrwhich I finished today by baking and sealing. I'm now wearing a cute bunny necklace and rainbow dangly earrings which have been long in the works. I always have so many ideas but never enough time or zing to get them made.inky dinks,

I've also just been hit by a new craze. The craze that is Inchies! An inchie is a 1 x 1 inch piece of artwork. You can make them in any media, the only thing that needs to stay the same is the size. I made 35 of them this morning. I started with some Gauche and did a wash on waterpaper card and then once it had dried I cut out each Inchie. After that it was a case of adding in all the details with my favourite brush pen. For great justice!

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these ones yet. Perhaps I'll frame them. I have so many ideas for other Inchies. I've added them to my little Pink book of ideas, which is getting very full I might add, since it has everything from badge designs to short stories inside it.

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Customised canvas shoes

I decided to jump on the "I make custom canvas shoes" bandwagon.

I've been moaning to myself recently as I haven't be able to find a decent pair of bright colourful shoes. So I decided to make my own! I picked up a pair from a local shoe store for £4.99 and then went crazy.

They are coloured with the same markers I do the majority of my art with and my favourite inking pen. The ink is pretty much water proof, I tested the pens on canvas bag and then left it soaking in a jug for an hour and it only spread a tiny amount.

Just waiting for my sealant to dry then its all systems go!

Monday, 17 August 2009

Jazzing up clothes Applique style!

The other day I accidentally tore a hole in brand new shirt of mine. Since it was brand new I was pretty upset until it occurred to me that I could fix it and make it prettier at the same time by making an Applique patch.

The upper heart is the repair patch, and the lower one was added for extra cuteness!
Now I'm obsessed with making Applique patches and other things!

The kitty is a hair clip while the rest are all applique's ready to be sewn on to things to jazz them up. I finished sewing the Cupcake and wings on to a tank top of mine this evening and I adore how it turned out!

Inspiration Monday

I've decided to start adding different themes to some days of the week to blog about. I already enjoy participating in Illustration Friday, although technically I post them on other days as they need to be submitted before Friday.

So today I have renamed to Inspiration Monday! Each week I will post about one thing that inspires me. Whether it be art, a book, movie or music.

Without further ado, my Inspiration for this week is : The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle.

I've always loved Unicorns, ever since I can remember. I don't know if I liked The Last Unicorn because I love Unicorns, or if I love Unicorn's because of the Last Unicorn.

I won't include spoilers. If you've seen the movie or read the book I imagine you'll understand what I mean, if not then I suggest you should go and enjoy it. It isn't for everyone, but there are many people who the story stays with for your entire life. It is a cult classic.

I encountered the Film long before the Book, and it brought so much more to the table then many of the other fantasy films I had watched as a child. Its rare to find an animated fantasy adventure which hasn't had parts of the plot edited for parts that may be unsuitable for children.
There are many bits which can be seen as quite scary to some children, as well as an ending where the characters don't all "live happily ever after"
I think I learnt a valuable lesson from the film as child, which is that somethings change and can't go back the the way they were before, and that life isn't always fair.

Many people dislike the animation style that The Last Unicorn was presented in, I however have always loved it. I doesn't have Disney like ascetics where all the women are slim and pretty and all the men look heroic and dashing. In fact I daresay the only beautiful things in the film are the Unicorn's themselves, which in my opinion adds a fantastic contrast. I like the grittiness and awkwardness of the designs of many of the characters. The story is set in a medieval time, with knights and bandits, so more often than not the humans look dirty and gangly. Which if you think about it is perfect considering that there wasn't much time to bathe in the days of yore.

The book is equally incredible, and the movie remains very faithful to it. In fact some of the quotes from the books are repeated word for word in the animation. Because of this it is a wonderful treat to read the book. There are many extra details and scenes which make the story feel more whole.

There aren't many things in this world that have reached the same sort of status as The Last Unicorn for me. It truly is one of the defining stories of my life and will always continue to be.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


Originally uploaded by Marinrin Chianne
This weeks entry for Illustration Friday, the topic being "impatience"

Cats. Cats have got to be one of the most impatience creatures on the planet. Always wanting breakfast or lunch, in or out. They wait and mew and mew and mew until their bidding is done. I think cats can tell the time better than humans can, they always know when dinner is and when its late.

Mixed Media, Brushpen, coloured pencils and digital.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Little Puff's Garden adventures

Well I'm back from my weekend away at my boyfriend's house and I've returned with some wonderful photos! The sun actually came out *shock horror* I wouldn't usually be so cynical, but it really has been a gloomy summer here in Cornwall thus far. Not that I'm complaining really, as I find the summer heat to be very hard and I have a tendency to whine under melting circumstances.

Anyway since I got so many photo's I thought I'd break it down into different posts over the next few days. I'd like to introduce Little Puff, she is a Doll Factory Pet doll Ari Nara and she one of my six Asian Ball Joint Dolls.

Free hugs!

Thursday, 6 August 2009

The suns out

I haven't really been up to as many arts and crafts as I should have been this week, however I have been busy with other things.

I've been playing Wii fit a lot and I've toned up considerably. I haven't really lost that much weight, maybe a pound or 2 but I am generally feeling better because of it. I need to drop a couple of yoga techniques and replace them with some jogging instead. I try to do 30 mins a day. Except weekends, where I don't have access to a wii. This time last year I really shifted in weight. I lost around 8 pounds. Which for me, was a lot of difference.

Anyway, my boyfriend has invited me to take my Ball Joint Dolls around this weekend so I can take photos of them in his wonderful garden. I'm so excited. Its been ages since I've had time and a decent place for a proper dolly photoshoot.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


Originally uploaded by Marinrin Chianne
This weeks entry for Illustration Friday. The topic being "Modify"

In this day and age is easy to modify your appearance based on how your feeling. I have to dress down for work days, but on my days off I'm all about Puppies and Rainbows.

Brush Pen and Prisma Colour pencils.

Monday, 3 August 2009

In a creative Funk - Blah

I'm sorta struggling at the moment. Everytime I sit down to make and create I'm left feeling rather blank.

I've got creative block and its not fun in slightest. To fill the void I've been throwing myself into other things for the last few days.

Namely Wii fit. Its been about a year since I've played it, I lost 8 pounds when I first started. A year on and I've put 7 out of the 8 back on. So I'm working hard again to lose them all over again.
I'm trying to do 30 mins a day, I've been doing great so far. Of course you have to watch what you eat too. Today I had a half melon for breakfast, ham sandwiches for lunch and a tasty omelet for tea. If I get peckish I'll have some fruit. Hopefully I'll see some results in a few days if I stick with it.

I've also been trying out things with my hair. I have quite long hair, its pretty much bra strap length at the moment. I'm growing it out as long as I possibly can. I've been finding different updos to do and practicing them. I've also found the joy that is hair extensions. Since I can't dye my hair all the fun bright colours I love, I've turned to brightly coloured hair extensions. I'm still practicing on how to get them to sit in my hair properly.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

Creative food list

I decided it was time to update the food list I had in the kitchen for Pooka and Tanuki. The old one was written on plain paper in rushed biro and looked terribly scruffy. This one looks much cuter!

It was fun drawing out my Piggies as cartoon characters, even if I struggled a little. Guinea Pigs are more round that the rodents I usually draw, so it took awhile to get their faces right. According to my Guinea Pig health book, guinea pigs should be like rounded bricks. Nuff said there.

Anyway, I did a lot of research into the foods they can and can't have. Several sources disagreed so I may have shifted some foods to the bad side just to be safe. I don't want poorly piggies.

This is now laminated and blue tacked to the kitchen wall. It really brightens up the wall actually. Makes me wanna make more things to decorate the kitchen with.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Piggy update

I don't have any projects really to show off this evening, but I still fancied blogging, so heres some more pictures of my piggies Pooka and Tanuki. They are both just adorable and fill my day full of smiles.

Monday, 27 July 2009


This weeks entry for Illustration Friday. The Topic being"Idle"
It is terribly hard to get a kite out of a tree once its blown in.

Brush pen and coloured pencils.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Attempted Tidy up

The problem with being a crafter is you do tend to obtain a great deal of clutter over the years.

I tried to tidy my desk today, and even though I sorted everything it still looks a mess. Which is very frustrating. Still at least I found all the badge components I was missing and managed to get the lower side sorted.

Now I just need to tidy my arts and crafts draws, shelves and boxes. Its gonna be a long week.

Thursday, 23 July 2009


Originally uploaded by Marinrin Chianne
My entry for this weeks Illustration Friday. The topic being "Tango"

Just a doodle today, in brush pen, dip pen and colouring pencil.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Susan the Sock Hippo

I've just finished making my next Sock creation.

I'm proud to present Susan the Sock Hippo!

I've really improved at sewing sock dolls, even though Susan is my 3rd completed project. I'm starting to understand stitches better and have learned some really useful tricks.
I've also learned not to over stuff socks, otherwise they go slightly see through as Susan has done around her tummy.

Today I picked up a ton of fun coloured socks from the supermarket, so I have a lot to be making.

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Presenting Corky the Sock Kitty!

I sat down this weekend and made another Sock Creature. This little guy is called Corky, and he is a gift for my Mother who is still recovering from Surgery.

He ain't perfect but I'm totally in love with him. I have to make more!
I'm getting better with each attempt.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Pinkie the Hedgehog Pin Cushion

I recently purchased a book called Stray Sock Sewing. Its a brilliant
book with lots of designs and great photos. I really recommend it.
I've learnt lots from reading it, mainly all the different types of stitches.
It has step by instructions on how to achieve each stitch
and lays it out very simply. I could never quite get my head round them before.

Anyways, this is Pinkie and she is my first completed "Sock creature."
She of course is a hedgehog and I'm very pleased how she turned out.
The only thing I would have done differently is that I filled
her with wadding rather than weighted filler, so she has a tendency to
roll around. Which isn't overly helpful in a pin cushion.

I've got plans for all sorts of Sock Creatures now!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

My bright Book Marks

Book Marks
Originally uploaded by Marinrin Chianne
I recently got my mitts on a Laminator, something I'd been wanting to get hold of for a long time. You can never have to many machines kicking around to use in your arts and crafts. :D

I decided to make some cute bookmarks using some of my designs, and I think they turned out pretty good. I finished them off with matching ribbon.

I made 2 of each, and 2 have already been claimed. The dark kitty one was part of my gifts for my boyfriend's birthday and one of the fairy ones went to my mother. She is currently recovering from surgery and so is reading lots of books.

I'm planning on selling these at some point. I can't decide whether I should hold on to them till I can do craft fairs, or pop them up on Etsy.

Owl Costume

I completed this days ago but kept forgetting to upload the images here.

I proudly present: Snowy the Snowy Owl.

This is the owl costume for the school where I work end of year production.
The mask is made of felt, and the body is fleece and fake fur. The mask was hand stitched and the body was sewn using a machine.

Thankfully the child in question who had to wear this was exactly my height. (Which is tragic for me. Whaaaaa I'm the same height as a 10 year old girl! I wish I was taller. )

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Originally uploaded by Marinrin Chianne
She waits all alone, in the graveyard where her body was laid to rest. A women pale as the moon and light as the stars. She lived a lonely life which has left her spirit hollow and unable to pass on.

My entry for this weeks Illustration Friday. The subject being "Hollow"

Markers and Brushpen.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Day of Falcons (Photo intensive)

Today I went on my half day Falconry experience at the Cornish Birds of Prey Centre. (Website is here) It was totally awesome. I had a fantastic day and the people who own the centre were really nice. I went a few years ago and it was very run down and the birds weren't being treated very well, thankfully its changed hands and is now looking
wonderful and the birds they rescued are all much more healthy and happy.
Anyway now for some images. Please ignore my brightly
coloured clothes. I love my colours.

Me and Jacob the Harris Falcon. Sorry about the Fuzziness in this photo, Mum dropped the camera and it had gotten a bit wet. Sadly I didn't get any pictures of me flying this guy. It was incredible! Except for the fact I was holding up bits of dead rooster chicks that had been cut up with secateurs in front of me. Was very gooey on my fingers and rather gross. However considering I'm blood phobic I thought I did rather well.

This is a Kestrel, lovely little bird. He was one of my favourites, as he always had such an adorable and curious expression on his face. Whats not to love!

This is Ruby the Buzzard. She was fairly grumpy with me when I held her, kept trying to bite me through the glove. She also had very strong talons. Beautiful bird though.

A beautiful Falcon. I have forgotten the type this guy was though, either a saker, peregrine, merlin or perlin.

I'd definitely go again. It was a lot of fun and all the birds were stunning.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Mission Complete!

I had a fantastic birthday yesterday. One of the best I've had in years. I didn't have a party or anything but the atmosphere of the day was just so cheerful and bright. Never mind the fact I had PMT.

Anyway I've finally finished the owl costume, with much help from my mother who helped with the pattern. Ta Mums! I'll post pictures when I get a chance. I'd do it now but I'm sick of seeing it lol.

I'm finally free to work on other projects again. Huzzah!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

100th Post

This is the 100th Post of my lovely blog, and it has occurred the day before my birthday. Huzzah!

Anyway on to the land of Arts and Crafts. I'm in the process of making an owl costume for the school where I work end of year production. Its quite daunting really. I did however finish the wings and mask this evening. I have to next Wednesday to finish it. I just hope all goes to plan.

The problem about working on a project with a time limit is that it pushes everything else out of the way. :(

I wanna play on my new Computer games, and sew sock dolls and a cute Muffin scarf. Doesn't look like I'll be able to till next week. I have tons of new badges that need making and photographing, also I have some book marks that need to be finished and placed on to Etsy. I'll get there in the end I guess.

In other news, my nails are awesome! I've painted them alternating bright blue, pink, mint and covered them with lovely glitter. So they are looking very bright and happy.

MuffinPuffART! Is pro colour. <3

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Early Birthday presents

It's my Birthday this Friday, but I had an early celebration today. My boyfriend is going away this week, to a convention somewhere. Which means he will be away on my birthday, his birthday and our first year anniversary. So we had a special little get together today. Of course we shall have a bigger celebration when he gets back, with cake and everything!

I was really touched with what he bought me. He really spoils me rotten.
Since he is away for my birthday weekend, he has paid for me to do a half day of Falconry. I'm so terribly excited! I adore birds, they are so graceful and wonderful.
He also bought me some awesome Invader Zim toys, a 1978 copy of the Last Unicorn (Which is one of my favourite books of all time) as well as some other books by the same author. I'm so happy.

*Flails around hyperly*

Monday, 6 July 2009

MuffinPuffART! Feature

I was interviewed for feature called Inspirational Monday on Red Ruby on Fire blog. Please check it out here - MuffinPuffART!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

The great owl

I've been asked to make a costume for a school play. I'm honoured really, although I imagine its going to be hard work. The costume is for the lead, who is an owl. Being the lead she really has to stand out. I have 2 weeks.

I really enjoy making costumes and dressing up. I've gone to work dressed as Buck beak from Harry Potter before. The kids adored it, and my colleagues were super impressed. I quite enjoy being the crafty one.

One of my colleagues upon finding out I was going to make it said "well at least we know it will look good" I'm quite pleased about that.

I've drawn the preliminary designs, I just have to run them past the School play produces before I start. Hopefully they will fund the costs of the material.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Busy day of many projects

Today I nipped down the shops and "accidentally" came home with a Laminator and a sewing box.

The sewing box is now blue, glittery and covered in stickers. Its now a badge box. That was a fun project, except that now I'm covered in paint and have glitter in my hair.

My other project of the day was playing with my laminator. Soon MuffinPuffART! will be stocking cute book marks. For a cheapo laminator it works really well. I'm very pleased.

I have far to many projects going on at once. I haven't done anything I set out to do this week. Opps.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009


I've just purchased my very first font for commercial use. Now I can use my favourite font (which incidentally is used in the header of this blog) on my badges and logos without infringing on any laws. Hurrah!

It gets terribly frustrating having to use the free fonts that are already on the computer on all my stuff. As much as I like say Papyrus and Comic sans there is only so far they can go. Also they aren’t nearly cute enough for my liking.

It took awhile to explain to my Mum why I can’t just use any old font from the internet I like on my badges. I think she understood in the end… although I could be wrong. Anyway, yay Fonts!


Originally uploaded by Marinrin Chianne
This weeks entry to Illustration Friday. The topic being "worn"

Please click to enlarge. <3

Despite the fact that Muffin had a brand new basket, she always preferred her favourite spot on the old well loved worn out chair.

Its been aaaaages since I last participated in Illustration Friday. I've been trying to fit it in but I've just been too busy. I've decided from now on to just try some pen and ink drawings rather then spend ages colouring with markers. The prospect of fitting in a fully coloured picture each week stressed me out and that's why I stopped. I'm quite new to dip pens, so focusing on them for Illustration Friday should help me hone my skills.

Yes that is my Puppy mascot asleep on the chair. Any excuse to cram her in. Hehe.

New logo to show

Here it is! My new logo. The MuffinPuffART! Seal of awesome. I'm really pleased with how it turned out. Its cheesy and cute, just they way I like things. Cheesy and cute is what my Etsy store aims to be. Fun also!

Anyway, I'm going to have to redisign my baggies I send my badges in to feature this logo now. My old one is rather outdated and stale looking.

Incidently this looks great on a keychain. <3

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Things to be working on

I've just finished design yet another new logo for MuffinPuffART! At this rate their designs will be able to fill a gallery on there own.

This one features more Rainbow. Yay! Rainbows have been an on going theme with Muffin. I always seem to draw her with them. Despite the fact she isn't a happy rainbow type dog. Muffin can be quite grumpy actually, but she's cute so I'll let her off.

My Guinea pigs are still settling in nicely. It may take a few weeks for them to properly warm to me, but I think we are getting there.

Anyway things I need to be doing in the next few days:

  • Wrap my Boyfriend's birthday presents
  • Finish sewing my MuffinPuffART! Banner for craft fairs.
  • Take Photos of more of my finished badge designs
  • Advertise on LiveJournal
  • Buy some awesome art related books
Thats all I can think of for now. I'm sure the list will get bigger tomorrow.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

The Piggies arrive! (Photos)

Yesterday I went to pick up my lovely little Guinea Pigs from a local breeder.

I was so excited, I literately spent the journey squealing. It was wonderful seeing all the happy pigs wheeking in their hutches. I just about died from cute overload.

Anyway here is a picture of my two little boars I bought home with me. They are 8 weeks old and adorable!
The one with the brown patch is Pooka and the silver one is Tanuki. They were the first guinea pigs the lady showed me and I instantly fell in love. They have been raised together since 4 weeks so they are very close. Tanuki follows Pooka around like a baby chick does to a mother hen. Its so cute to watch.

Pooka is definitely the bravest of the two and also the chubbiest. I'll be keeping an eye on Tanuki to make sure he is getting enough food.

They are currently very shy, so I'm letting them settle in quietly. I've been singing to them so they get used to my presence in the room. They've been out to eat a few times, but spend most of their time hiding at the moment.

Muffin is very jealous. She doesn't understand why she isn't allowed in my room right now. I have to get her used to them and them to her very slowly. I'm a little worried as she is a Terrier, which are effectively bred to kill small rodents. I'm letting her sit on my bed to look at them and get used to their smell, but the moment she starts to get barky I whisk her away. I don't want to stress my new babies out after all.

I'll be starting their routine tomorrow, which I hope will help them adjust to their new home.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Getting my Piggies today!

My Boyfriend and his parents are taking me off to collect my Guinea pigs today and I’m so terribly excited! I really am. They are gonna buy them for my Birthday.

Its been ages since I went and picked out a pet. Muffin is the last pet I went and picked out, but she was the only puppy available. So it wasn’t really choosing. Still a puppy is a puppy regardless of whether your picking it up or out of a litter.

The Guinea Pigs cage is all set up and waiting in my bedroom. I opted for a Ferplast 120cm Cage, which mean there is lots of space for them to play around inside. It’s a huge cage mind you, I had to shift everything around to even fit it in my bedroom.

I’ve bought lots of little toys for them to play with. Chubes, Loofas, Grass balls with bells in. I do hope they have fun with me.


I'll be sure to update with pictures on Sunday!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

MuffinPuffART! Blog revamped!

Today I decided to try and completely revamp my blog. It was looking pretty bland and didn’t really sum up my personality at all. I wanted people to look and go “Ooooooo” when they see my blog, maybe even go “aww”

After around 10 hours, and numerous breaks, I am done! Not a minute to soon either. Words cannot describe how much I hate HTML right now. I’m not a fantastic programmer by a long shot, so most of the editing was done by trial and error, and I certainly made a lot of errors. Meep.

I will admit I had a lot of fun despite the stress of it all. I love a project to get my teeth into now and again. I think my blog is looking very spiffy.

Its only missing one thing! Links. I need to add lots of other craft blogs. I had a fair few before but I accidentally deleted them in one of my many “errors” of the day. Opps. I’m really sorry if I was linked to you before!

If you wanna link to me, drop me a comment with your Blog and I’ll add it to my currently empty links bar.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Custom Rubber Stamps and Guinea Pigs!

I found a website today which may be able to make me an awesome Rubber Stamp featuring my store logo. I hope its not to good to be true as a spent around an hour designing something that would look good stamped.

I think it turned out rather well. Its cute and fun! Just what I was aiming for. Whether or not they can make it into a rubber stamp is another thing.

Still we shall soon see!

In completely unrelated art news… I am getting Guinea Pigs! I’m terribly excited. Its been years since I’ve had pets aside from my lovely little dog Muffin. If all goes to plan I’m off to pick a pair out this weekend. I’ve picked out some names, despite the fact my boyfriend thinks I should wait to see what they are like first. I want to call them Pooka and Tanuki after mischievous spirits. Pooka’s are Irish fairies and Tanuki are Japanese shape shifters. Still.. what fun!

I’ll be sure to post some pictures once I get them. ♥Yay!♥

Monday, 22 June 2009

Post card printing?

I'm currently looking for websites to get postcards and business cards printed. I’ve not had much luck so far. I thought I found a site, but they dropped loads of surprise charges near the check out. So I ended up backing away. Sigh.

Any suggestions for awesome printers in the UK would be great. I’d love to be able to branch out a little more. Plus adorable business cards to leave around would bring in some extra views for my Etsy store and blog.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Tidy room

Yesterday for the first time in 5 years, I had a full attempt at tidying my bedroom. It's amazing how much stuff can build up over time. I had so much rubbish tucked under my bed and shoved into draws it makes me feel almost ashamed. Almost.. hehe.

I now have some stuff to sell to carboots, and tons of books to give to the school I work, as well as several bags full of recycling. (I have a lot of doodles that need to go)

My room is looking great, and the best thing is that I have much more space now. I'm not sure how that happened as I still have all the same stuff I did before, it's just I've moved it around.

Hopefully in the summer I can redecorate it. The wallpaper from the people who lived her before is horrid, and peeling. (It may have had some help peeling mind you)

In other news my desk is a tip again. Looks like I have something else to work on.

Saturday, 20 June 2009

Reached 60 sales!

Yesterday I reached my 60th Etsy sale. I cannot belive I've gotten so far with it.

I think if I reach 100 sales, I'll do a special give away. That sounds fun.

I've been listing stuff left right and center recently. I have so many new ideas that I can't keep up with myself.
I really need to get to craft fares and such at some point. I need to finish my sign first though, and perhaps make an awesome pink craft apron.

Anyway, here are my current Pocket Mirrors, just to add some extra shine to this post.

Avaliable at

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Sew sew sew

Today I am sewing a specail wall hanging for my cousin who is pregnant with a little boy.

Its made of felt and silks, which are my tools of the trade and features a rocket surrounded by stars. I need to find out the child's name for sure so I can sew his name on too.

It's going great. I really do love sewing.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Long time no posty

I'm trying to get back into the swing of things again.
It's been ages since I've particapated in Illustration Friday or even made anything. So today I've decided to take the bull by the horns and get back into actively posting, drawing and crafting.

I've had a very busy last couple of months. Lots of things have happened in my life, mainly sad things but never the less I'm ready to get back to normal now.

I've just made and added a set of 20 of my cutest 1 Inch pin back badges to Etsy. I think they look great! They are avaliable here : MuffinPuffART! Etsy

I'm now off to design a few more cute things to add to badges.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Little Update

Its been awhile since I last updated, so I just thought I drop by and give a run down on whats going on in my little life.

Its now the Easter Holidays, and since I work in a school I get the time off myself. Sweet! So I'm trying to get lots done in the next two weeks.

I've been a bit busy the last 2 weeks, so I haven't had time for Illustration Friday. I'd really like to try one this week, but again I may have to skip it.

I've taken up a little evening class on Thursdays to help me with realism, which is a skill I thought I lacked till I actually sat down and tried. I'm not nearly as bad as I thought I was.

Yesterday I dropped in to work, to do a display on Dinosaurs for when the kids come back. It looks awesome. I hope the kids think so too.

I'm working with Pencil again, after being thoroughly obsessed with Markers for the last couple of months.

In Etsy news, my sales are rather slow.. However I did sell my first pocket mirror today. Yay!

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


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This weeks entry to Illustration Friday. This week's subject being "Subtract"

I decided to go with a different medium that usual. Instead of tradition markers and brush pen I opted for digital.

Also this is my first entry to the Cartoon section. Huzzah!

Things to be doing

Its been a couple of weeks since I finished my last main project for work. My Hippogriff outfit for world book day.

I now however need to be making an Easter Bonnet for Friday. Well need isn't the proper word, but I would like to make one.

Current Projects:

  • Easter Bonnet
  • Shrinky Dink Cherub for my Co-worker
  • Finish sewing MuffinPuffART signs for craft fairs
  • Illustration Friday "Subtract"
  • Thursdays Art Course locally

Looks like I have a lot to be doing again.

Monday, 23 March 2009

Mothers day

Mothers day
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Just a quick doodle for my Mum for Mothers day.


Wednesday, 18 March 2009


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This weeks entry for Illustration Friday. The topic being "Legendary"

The phoenix was the first thing to pop to mind when the topic was released this week.

Markers and Brush pen

Wednesday, 4 March 2009


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This weeks entry to Illustration Friday, the subject being "Breezy"

It was a wonderful breezy spring day. Perfect for flower fairies to go and have fun.

I thought I try something a little different this week style wise.

Markers and Brushpen.

So close

By the end of tomorrow I should have my BuckBeak Costume all finished. As of now I just need to get the Hooves done. Then I can wear it on the 6th.

I'll be so glad when its out of the way as I haven't had a chance to do much else lately, and I miss being able to draw and sew.

I've spent the first part of my morning tiding up my bedroom and desk area as quite frankly they were a tip.
Its great to have actual space again and quite a few of my projects that had gone missing amidst the fray have turned up again. So I'm pretty pleased.

Today has barely begun and its going great.

Monday, 23 February 2009

World Book Day!

Right now I'm preparing for World Book Day which is on Thursday the 5th of March.

In the Primary/Elementary school where I work we shall be celebrating it on Friday the 6th by all dressing up as book characters.
By all I mean every child, teacher and teaching assistant.. although some children will turn up in old Halloween costumes, and others as TV characters.

I'm going as BuckBeak from Harry Potter. (With a little creative leyway) I'm about 50% done on my costume so far. I've completely finished his head, talons and tail. I'm currently working on his torso and wings. After that I need to sew some fuzzy trousers and make the hoofs.

Its been great fun, but amazingly time consuming.

The materials I've been using are:

  • Cardboard
  • Newspaper
  • Plaster Cloth/Mud rock
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Craft Foam
  • Sellotape
  • Hot Glue
  • Wool
  • Craft Wire

I can't wait till its done, but I bet I'll be glad to be out of it after a days worth of wear. The head and torso are heavy!

Thursday, 19 February 2009


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This weeks entry to Illustration Friday. The topic being "Celebrate"

You are Cordially invited to the Wedding of Charles Teddy and Rosie, The reception is being held in Susie's Bedroom next to the Book Shelf. Please bring cake and sweeties!

All are welcome!

Brush pen and Markers.

Thursday, 12 February 2009


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This weeks enrty for Illustration Friday. This weeks topic is "Time"

The White Rabbit always pops to my mind when I think about time.

Markers and Brushpen

Wednesday, 4 February 2009


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This weeks entry to Illustration Friday. This week's topic was flawed.

I used to think I was flawed, and that parts of me as a person were missing. I finally found that what I was missing was self esteem. Once I found it again, the holes in me were filled, and now I no longer feel that way.

Brush pen and Markers.

This is my first entry to Illustation Friday that isn't categorized as Children's art.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Worries about the CPSIA

I may no longer be able to sell my badges in America soon due to some stupid law. I wish I could say that I understood it, but I'd be lying. Laws aren't my strong point.

I'm going to try focusing my sales in the UK. I'm putting together lots of stock and preparing a sign for Carboot sales and craft faires.

I'm fairly busy craft wise at the moment. I'm working on a Valentines gift for David as well as making my sign. Its all very hectic. I always have so many projects in the works at the same time.

Tuesday, 27 January 2009


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This weeks entry for Illustration Friday. This weeks topic being "Climbing"

Squirrels were the first thing that popped into my head. So I drew squirrels!

I'm currently working on a set of Illustrations set in a woodland at night. This is the third out of the four I'd like to do.

The others so far are:

Markers and Brushpen.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

MuffinPuffART! Shows how Button Badges are made

A quick video showing how I make my Button Badges which I sell in my Etsy store @

Doesn't hurt to get yourself out there.


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This weeks entry to Illustration Friday. The subject this week is "pale"

As the little hedgehog gazed up at the pale moon he realized he was all alone, and dearly wished for a friend to share his food with.



I'm currently looking for people to swap blog links with. If anyone is interested drop me a comment. Thanks!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

My Art Desk

I did my weekly tidy of my Arts and Crafts desk today. (And yes this is tidy for me) I thought I'd share a photo!
Its a huuuge desk, and I'm very good at cluttering it up as you can see. Still, my badge maker is pictured in the centre (Thats the orange thing) as well as my awesome laptop, which is covered in stickers.
Theres an aray of toys and craft materials kicking about too. It wouldn't be home without them.

Monday, 19 January 2009

Valentines day

I've been thinking a lot about Valentines day this year. I have an absolutely amazing boyfriend who I need to get some gifts for, thankfully I still have just under a month to get them sorted.

Anyway back on the subject of Valentines day, I thought I'd pop up an image of one of my badge sets. This is the "Key to my heart" badge set available on Etsy here:

Now I must go back to thinking about what to get my boyfriend.