Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Little Update

Its been awhile since I last updated, so I just thought I drop by and give a run down on whats going on in my little life.

Its now the Easter Holidays, and since I work in a school I get the time off myself. Sweet! So I'm trying to get lots done in the next two weeks.

I've been a bit busy the last 2 weeks, so I haven't had time for Illustration Friday. I'd really like to try one this week, but again I may have to skip it.

I've taken up a little evening class on Thursdays to help me with realism, which is a skill I thought I lacked till I actually sat down and tried. I'm not nearly as bad as I thought I was.

Yesterday I dropped in to work, to do a display on Dinosaurs for when the kids come back. It looks awesome. I hope the kids think so too.

I'm working with Pencil again, after being thoroughly obsessed with Markers for the last couple of months.

In Etsy news, my sales are rather slow.. However I did sell my first pocket mirror today. Yay!