Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Projects and fun

Goodness. I always have a habit of dropping off the face of the Earth (or internet as it may be) and then randomly turning up again one day. Today is one of those days.

Well I did get my hair cut like I mentioned in my last post. I went from having it at the small of my back length to just below my ears. It was a big jump and quite frankly I love it. My hair is much cuter now and much more easy to look after.

Anyway back to is all that is crafting.

I've closed down my Artfire store, as it wasn't getting any sales and whilst the monthly fee wasn't overly expensive, it seemed a bit of a waste as money was going out but not coming back in. I also briefly dabbled in Dawanda which is another online store for selling your handmade things, but nothing came of that either so I closed it down.

I've decided to focus mainly on my Etsy store. I reached my 100th sale last month! My badges don't sell for much but it's still a small victory for me. Since my brand name is MuffinPuff ART! I've decided to relocate my Etsy store from to instead. Hopefully it will mean people will be able to find me better. Sadly it means I will have to leave beind all my lovely feed back, but I'm sure I can get it back again.

Although I've closed down some of my online ventures. I've also opened up my own Zazzle store. My Zazzle I've had 2 sales so far. Nothing big but its still a start. I really need to knuckle down and sort it all out.

MuffinPuff ART! Has its own Facebook fanpage now. Please check it out if you get the chance.