Thursday, 19 December 2013

Crafting for Christmas - Sock Deer Taxidermy head

Sock Deer Taxidermy
Sock Deer Head

So a few years ago my boyfriends mother and I were shopping in a garden centre when she spotted a Christmas deer head hanging from a wall. She remarked how she'd quite like one but that £30 was a bit steep for how much she wanted to pay for one. 

I decided to make here one of my own for Christmas. The head, ears and antlers are all made from socks, where as everything else is felt. I glued the eyes and nose on using Beacon Felt Glue which is one of my favourite glues as it does its job so well. I made the backing piece out of plastic and covered both sides with dark brown felt. To finish the festive look I cut some holly leaves from felt and added little red beads as berries.

She was thrilled with the deer and still displays it above her fireplace.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Crafting for Christmas - Singing Cat Ornament

Christmas Carolling Cats model
Motely and Christian singing for Christmas

So this was created for Christmas 2012, but since I was sharing this years presents I thought I'd show it off as well. 

It's a little cartoon model of my boyfriend's family's cats Motely and Christian. His mother has a penchant for festive decorations and since she is quite tricky to buy for I tend to make her presents. 

I made them out of Super Sculpey and painted them with acrylic paint.  I gave both cats a scarf and Motely a sheet of carolling paper just to give it more character. 

She was thrilled with the ornament and it's been in cabinet since Christmas 2012. 

Friday, 13 December 2013

Crafting for Christmas - Needle Felted Polar bear and Penguin

Needle felted Penguin and Polar Bear

Another needled felted creation for my friends for Christmas. These 2 made for my friends who live in Japan. 

Like with my needled felted Grumpy Cat I ended up stabbing myself many times in the hands making these. Thankfully I didn't bleed on either. 

I definitely think I am improving as I go when it comes to needle felting, perhaps by next year my creations will be even more tidy. I find it very hard having so many little wispy bits floating off the the sides, but then I think that is a standard when it comes to felt. 

I loved adding the little ribbons as I think it finishes them off wonderfully and gives them more character. 

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Crafting for Christmas - Needle Felt Grumpycat

Needle felted GrumpyCat
Grumpy cat
So I made this little guy for my friends who live in America. They've both been long time fans of the internet sensation Grumpy Cat. 

He was made using a process called Needle felting. Basically you take a pinch of whispy wool and repeatedly stab it with a needle until the fibres "felt" together. 

It took a fair few hours and multiple stab wounds to my thumbs to finish him. Thankfully I didn't get any blood on him. 

I'm really pleased with how he turned out and hope my friends like him lots too. 

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Crafting for Christmas - Sock Monster

Black and Lime Sock Monster

So in continuing with my posts on the things I have created for my friends this Christmas here is a sock monster.

He is heavily inspired by the work of John Murphy, who is the author behind the book "Stupid Sock creatures" which is available here on Amazon. 

A few years back I made the same friend a sock monkey and he seemed to love it, so this year I thought I'd one up myself and go a little weirder. The strange thing about socks is that certain colours and patterns just scream out to be particular things. I don't think I could have used this lime green and black sock for anything other than an monster. 

My favourite things about him is his big sock lips which were shaped using the heel of the sock and his mismatched button eyes. I think it really gives him character. 

Monday, 9 December 2013

Crafting for Christmas - Sock Kitty

Heya! Long time no posting! As I mentioned in my last post I am a huge procrastinator, and almost 2 years later here I am finally ready to make an update. 

I've been making presents for my friends this month, so I thought I'd come onto my crafting blog to share them.

Today I'd like to show one of my lastest sock dolls. This Black Kitty was very fun to sew and I've already parcelled her up ready to be sent off to my friend for Christmas. 

Black Sock Kitty
I was originally worried her head was too small, but I actually think it's just right now! I love her long tail and limbs, as I feel it gives her a lot of character. 

Black Sock Kitty

I used a heart shaped button as a nose and some vivid green Cath Kidson buttons as the eyes. Her collar is made of felt and I finished it off with a little bell. I really hope my friend likes it!