Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Crafting for Christmas - Sock Monster

Black and Lime Sock Monster

So in continuing with my posts on the things I have created for my friends this Christmas here is a sock monster.

He is heavily inspired by the work of John Murphy, who is the author behind the book "Stupid Sock creatures" which is available here on Amazon. 

A few years back I made the same friend a sock monkey and he seemed to love it, so this year I thought I'd one up myself and go a little weirder. The strange thing about socks is that certain colours and patterns just scream out to be particular things. I don't think I could have used this lime green and black sock for anything other than an monster. 

My favourite things about him is his big sock lips which were shaped using the heel of the sock and his mismatched button eyes. I think it really gives him character. 

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