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Tutorial - Easy to make bat hairclip

Welcome to my step by step guide on how to make your very own easy Halloween Hairclips.

These are so easy to make and take virtually no time what so ever!

Perfect for jazzing up any outfit around Halloween, perhaps when your walking around in the day doing some shopping. Or even adding a cute detail to a proper Halloween Costume.

Whether your an adult who wants to add a bit of whimsy to your hair, or a Mother who wants to make a accessory for a little girls Witch Outfit when she's trick or treating then this lens is for you!

Children will need help making these hairclips, as I suggest the use of a Hot glue gun.

What you will need!
Gather your materials!

The best place to start a crafting lens always with a list of what exactly you will need. So here is the list of all the things I used to make this simple hair clip.

  • Craft foam. For this Hairclip you just need Black foam really, but its always good to have other colours at hand just incase you want to add some flair!
  • Scissors. A nice sharp pair which are easy to maneuver when cutting are best.
  • Plain Barrettes. Available from all good craft stores and in several different sizes, just take your pick!
  • Hot Glue Gun. You could use other glue if you want, I just love how quickly Hot glue guns dry. Also they hold the craft foam very firmly and stick brilliantly to the metal of the barrette hairclip. You can use other glues but I can't guarantee they will hold very well.
  • Permanent Marker. Always handy to have around.
  • Pencil. For drawing your shapes.
  • Plain Paper. For making a template.

  • Googly eyes. These are good fun. You don't need to have them if you don't want. White craft foam with dots drawn on with marker pen work just as well.
Step one!
Choose your hairclip!

First of all you need to find a nice plain hair clip or barrette. They are very easy to get hold of, as most good craft stores will carry a selection of findings for making all manners of jewellery and accessories.
For this project I've chosen the larger sized clip as I think it will hold the bats wings well. If you wanted however you could use two smaller clips and make a pair of matching barrette for either side of your head.

Step two!
Draw around your hairclip

This step isn't needed but I find it really makes things a lot easier.

Turn your hairclip upside down on a sheet of paper and draw around it either using a pencil or a pen. Give yourself a little leeway each side so the boundary isn't too close to the clip. I then cut out that strip of paper and popped it to the side a moment.

Basically its used for size referencing.

Step three!
Plan your shape

In this step I pretty much free handed a bat design on the paper. While this is the one I originally traced onto the craft foam and then cut out I did go and tidy it up a bit with scissors afterwards. (Which is why this shape is different than the finished product.)

So take your slip of paper which is slightly bigger than the hair clip place it down on the paper. Next to it draw your bat shape so its as wide and long as your measured slip of paper. This is so once you go to glue on your bat later it covers all the hair clip and has a nice amount of space to apply the glue.

If your not confident drawing a bat yourself you could find an image to use as a reference or just print out the tidier version I've drawn for people to use below. You may need to enlarge it before you use it.

When your done drawing your shape onto your paper grab your scissors and cut it out.

Here is a template should you need one!

Step four!
Draw around your Bat Template

Grab your cut out bat template and place it down on your black craft foam. Use a pencil to draw around it. Since the Craft foam is black it may be hard to see your pencil lines, however if you press hard you should at least be able to see the indentations left behind. 

You'll need to hold the paper firmly so it doesn't slip and leave you with a wonky line. If it makes it easier and you think you'd do a lot better with some extra stability you could glue your paper template onto some cardstock and cut out again.

Step five!
Cut out your craft foam bat

Next get your scissors and cut your bat out. Take care to cut around all the little curves in a flowing manner. You want your bat to have smooth lines rather than jagged.

When your finished you should have a lovely bat shape with pencil lines or indentations still noticeable on one side. If this is the case then I suggest using that side as the back of the clip.

Once you've cut out your bat you can tidy up the design a bit if you like. I wasn't happy with my original bats shape so I trimmed him down a little bit. If you do decide to do this then I suggest only cutting off a tiny bit at a time, as while you can remove material it is impossible to add it back on once you've cut it off. 

I ended up tidying up my bat's shape a bit more afterwards.

Step six!
Glue your bat to the barrette

Put your craft foam bat shape down on a surface with the back facing upwards. If your bat still has pencil lines or marks from where you traced your template then I'd personally use that as the back.

Children will need an adults help at this point!

Plug in your glue gun and wait for it to warm up a bit first. Now you can use other glues if you want but I've not found one that sticks craft foam to the metal hair clip as well. I'm sure Super glue would work well, but I have a bad track record with Super glue and it always ends it in tears for me.
(Well not literally tears, but I've yet to come away from using Super glue where I haven't glued my hands together or something else equally as stupid. The worse being gluing my tongue to my teeth. It's never a good idea to hold the lid in your teeth when your using it.. but I digress.)

Anyway, once your Glue gun is ready hold up your metal barrette and apply glue all the way along the top. Then flip it over and place it down onto your Craft foam bat and press hard. Take care as the glue will squish out from under the clip and it can be very hot. Make sure that you press your hair clip along the wingspan of the bat so its firmly glued down all the way along.

Make sure to press it on well!

Step Seven!
Glue on the eyes

It's time to add your googly eyes! 

Get your Glue Gun ready again and prepare to glue on your eyes. Now there are two ways to go about doing this. You can either:

Add the glue to your eyes and then apply them to the bat.
 Add the glue to the bat and then add the eyes.

Both aren't without their troubles. If you choose to add the glue to the eyes and then apply them to the bat then you need to be ultra careful. The googly eyes are very small so it can be hard to dab the tiny amount of glue needed onto such a small area. Be aware that the Glue Gun can be very hot and be careful not to burn your fingers!

If you choose to add the glue to the bat and then add the eyes then there is a chance that the glue gun may make a mess. Glue guns tend to leave little spider web like lines when ever you draw the gun away from what your gluing, which then dry and then leave strings everywhere. It's also harder to leave a tiny dab of glue on a larger surface. 

I personally prefer adding the glue to the eyes and then attaching them that way.

As with when you glued on the hair clip be careful when you press the eyes down that you don't get the hot glue on your fingers.

If you don't want to use Googly eyes

Cut out some small circles in white craft foam and glue them on in the same way. You can then either draw on the pupils with permanent marker pen or just cut out even small black circles and glue them on over the white. 

Step Eight!
Cut out and add a mouth

Almost finished!

You can skip this step if you like, but I think that adding a little mouth and added details really finishes off the bat.

Grab some red or pink craft foam and cut out an oval and then cut it in half. The flat top will serve as the top of the mouth and the curve part will become the bottom. Glue it on using the same method you used to glue on the eyes. 

Step Nine!
Add some teeth

This is the final step!

Like the step above this one is optional but I feel it adds to the finished project.

Use your scissors to cut out a slip of white craft foam that is roughly around the same width as the red piece but a lot smaller in length. You can aim to make it so its longer at the edges so it looks like it has little fangs but I appreciate that this may quite difficult because its such a tiny shape.

Anyway once your finished cutting it out then all is left is to glue it on.

For pieces of foam that are this small I suggest holding your Glue gun upright and running it along the glue that will already be resting along the top, that way you don't run any risk of getting to much glue everywhere. Then simply press it on over the red mouth making sure to line it up along the top lip.

Then your Bat Hairclip is all finished and ready to wear! 

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