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Tutorial - Easy to Make Halloween Pumpkin Hairclip

In this tutorial I'll be showing you how to make a really easy Halloween Jack O'Lantern Pumpkin Hair clip.

Perfect for wearing for that one special day of the year! They are very easy to make, take almost no time at all and can be packed away to wear again next year.
Please excuse all the watermarks, I originally made this tutorial for Squidoo where I use my other name : MuffinPuffART

What you'll need

So you want to make a Pumpkin Hairclip? Well the first thing you'll need to do is going and gather up all your materials.
  • Craft foam.  For this Hairclip you will need Orange, yellow, green and brown craft foam but its always good to have other colours at hand just in case you want to add some flair!. 
  • Scissors. A nice sharp pair which are easy to maneuver when cutting are best.
  • Plain Barrettes. Available from all good craft stores and in several different sizes, just take your pick!
  • Hot Glue Gun. You could use other glue if you want, I just love how quickly Hot glue guns dry. Also they hold the craft foam very firmly and stick brilliantly to the metal of the barrette hairclip. You can use other glues but I can't guarantee they will hold very well.
  • Permanent Marker. Needed to add the detail to the pumpkin. 
  • Pencil. For drawing your shapes. Plain Paper For making a template.
Step One!
Choose your Hairclip!

For this project the first thing you'll need to get is your plain hair clip, also known as barrettes. These are all readily available at most good craft stores and they shouldn't cost to much. I always make sure I have some laying around just in case inspiration strikes me and I'm over come with the urge to make myself a hair accessory.

For this project I've chosen the smaller clips, as Pumpkins are rather round and compact so they won't need as much space to spread out. You could totally make two little clips and wear them as a matching pair.

Step Two!
Draw around your Hairclip!

It's always best to start by making your templates. That way you'll always know how much material you'll need to use.

Before I start to cut into my Craft foam I always find it's best to make a paper template.

Turn your hairclip upside down so that the flat part is resting on a sheet of paper, then simply grab a pen and draw around it. You don't need to be neat, just make sure you give yourself some leeway each side so the boundary isn't too close to the clip.  Then using a pair of scissors, cut out your slip of paper.

This slip of paper will be used to gauge your pumpkins size and also be used to draw later to make the back part of your clip.

Step Three!
Plan out your design

Take your slip of paper and place it back down over the paper. Using it as a size guide draw a Pumpkin design so it is taller than the slip template but not nearly as long. You don't need to add on all the details, as we will only really be using the pumpkin to draw around. I just like to know where my eyes and lines will be going ahead of time.

I free handed my Pumpkin design, but if your not confident doing that then you can either find a design online and copy it or simply print out the one I've provided below. You may need to resize it a little so it will fit your hair clip.

Once your done drawing your design, cut it out and pop it aside for a moment.

Hold onto your slip of paper, you will need it later!

Here's a template should you need one!

Step Four!
Draw around your template

Now I'm afraid I don't have a photo of me drawing around my template. The person I had previously used to take photos of my hands while I was working had to go somewhere else for awhile. Sorry about that!

Anyway grab your Pumpkin Template that you have just cut out and place it down on top of your orange craft foam. Use one hand to press the template firmly onto the foam and carefully draw around it using a pencil. If you are finding it hard to hold down then you could mount your Pumpkin template onto some card, which should make it easier to draw around. 

Take care not to draw around the Nub at the top, as we shall add that in later using brown Craft foam.

Once your done drawing your little Pumpkin shape, use your scissors to cut it out. The side that you drew the lines onto should now become the back of your Pumpkin. That way you don't have any unsightly random grey lines ruining your design.

Step Five!
Cut out your eyes and mouth

Move over to the Yellow craft foam now and using a sharp pair of scissors cut out your Pumpkins eyes and mouth shapes. I cut mine out free hand, but if you don't think you can do that then you can use the paper template again.

Since we no longer need it for the Pumpkin shape you can cut right through it and remove the eyes and mouth shapes. Then simply draw around them on the yellow foam using the same method as when we drew around our pumpkin shape. 

Don't do anything with the eyes yet!
Simply pop them to one side and keep them safe a moment.

Step Six!
Draw on your lines

Got your eyes sitting somewhere safe? Great!

Grab your permanent marker pen and draw yourself a zig zag pattern across the top about 1/3 of the way down. This is going to be where the top would have been cut off had it been a really Jack O'lantern. 

Step Seven!
Draw on the vertical lines

Still got your Pen ready? Fantastic!

Now you need to draw 3 vertical curved lines from the top to the bottom. Aim to get them to join up with the downwards points of your ZigZag pattern. These form the curves of the Pumpkin. 

Step Eight!
Glue on the eyes and mouth

Grab your eyes and mouth from their safe place and prepare to glue them on.

Children will need an adults help at this point!

Plug in your Hot Glue Gun and let it warm up for a while.
 You can use other glues if you want to, I have found however than no other glues work quite as well as Hot Glue Guns when it comes to sticking craft foam together quickly and efficiently.

Take care when using the Glue gun as as the name implies it can get very hot!

Using your now heated up glue gun, apply a small amount of glue to the back of each eye and then firmly press them onto the Pumpkin. Be aware than when you press down on the eyes the glue will squish out from behind them so make sure you don't burn yourself. 
Try to align them 1/2 way down so they rest underneath the Zigzag line. 

Glue your mouth on the same why but aim to place it 2/3 of the way down right between the eyes.

Step Nine!
 Cut out a back piece and glue it to Hairclip

Still got your slip of paper? Good!

It's time to make a back piece which will cover your hair clip. You can choose any colour you like for this part of the project. I chose green as I thought it contrasted nicely with the orange. Grab your slip of paper which was measured to be bigger than your hair clip and pop it down over your craft foam.

I like to place it so its along an edge, so that way I have a straight line already cut out for me.

Hold it down firmly and draw all the way around it. If it looks a bit wobbly don't worry about it! The Pumpkin is going to cover most of it and if your still not happy with it you can tidy up the edges later on.

It's the time you've been waiting for! Time to glue it all together!

Start by grabbing your Hair clip or barrette as they are also known and apply glue all the way along the flat length. Once you've added the glue using your Hot Glue Gun turn it over and press it down firmly on top of the craft foam that you've just cut out to be the back and wait for it to dry. Now its attached to the hair clip you can straighten up any edges you weren't happy about if you like. Using the Hair clip as a straight edge simply use your scissors to trim off any parts you don't think you need. I always like to leave a few millimetres of extra craft foam hanging off the clip but that's just me.

Step Ten!
Add the pumpkins stalk

Before you glue it all together now is the time to add one last little detail to your Pumpkin.

It's only a little detail, but I always find it really adds character to your Pumpkin. Take your brown craft foam and cut out a small little rounded rectangle shape using a pair of sharp scissors. This is going to become the stalk.

Since it is very small it can be a challenge to glue it, especially since we are only aiming to add glue to the very bottom of the shape. For gluing shapes of this size I like to turn my gun so it points upwards and I gently rub the shape along the tip of the barrel so that only a small amount of glue attaches. 

With the tiny blob of glue on your stalk you now need to press it underneath the Pumpkin so most of it sticks out from behind and looks like its growing from the top. 

Step Elven!
Glue it all together

It's the time you've been waiting for! Time to glue it all together!

Now you've got your base glued on its a good idea to figure out which way up you want to have your hair clip. I like to wear clips on the right side of my head so its a good idea to make sure that the clip it points the right way. (Something I completely forgot to do for this project. Opps!)

When you know which its going to face, its time to glue on your Pumpkin.

Apply a nice amount of glue to the centre of your Jack O' Lantern taking care not to get it everywhere as the top and bottom of the pumpkin should hang over the edge of your clip. Simply press it directly in the centre of your clip and wait for it to dry. 

Step Twelve!
The final Step!

It's time to add the last few details! You can skip this step all together if you like the Pumpkin as it is but I thought hey why not give it some eyes!

Using your Permanent Pen simply give it some dots for eyes, or if you like you could cut out some black circles and glue them on.

I also thought I'd add a bit of cross-hatching to the green part just to finish it off.

There all finished!

Thanks ever so much for reading my tutorial on How to Make an Easy Halloween Pumpkin Hair clip.

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