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Tutorial - Easy to Make Halloween Skull Hairclip

In this tutorial I'll be showing you have to make a cute little skull hair clip, perfect for brightening up any witch costumes or for wearing in your hair just because! It'as fantastic for when you need something to wear to a Halloween party in a rush as they are incredibly easy to make. 

Please excuse all the watermarks, I originally made this tutorial for Squidoo where I use my other name : MuffinPuffART

What you'll need

So you want to make a Halloween Skull Hairclip? Well the first thing you'll need to do is going and gather up all your materials.

  • Craft foam. For this Hairclip you will need White and Red craft foam but its always good to have other colours at hand just in case you want to add extra details. 
  • Scissors. A nice sharp pair which are easy to maneuver when cutting are best.
  • Plain Barrettes. Available from all good craft stores and in several different sizes, just take your pick!
  • Hot Glue Gun. You could use other glue if you want, I just love how quickly Hot glue guns dry. Also they hold the craft foam very firmly and stick brilliantly to the metal of the barrette hairclip. You can use other glues but I can't guarantee they will hold very well.
  • Permanent Marker. Needed to add the nose, eyes and teeth lines onto your skull.
  • Pencil. For drawing your shapes. Plain Paper For making a template.

Step One!
Choose your Hairclip!

For this project you will need one smaller hair clip. You can purchase plain hair clips findings or barrettes as they are also known at most good craft stores. They usually come in packs of two or three so you'll always have a few spare for those moments of inspiration when you just need to make a cute hair accessory!

I've gone for the smaller clip this time round as Skulls are nice and round so you won't need such a large surface area to glue it on too. 

Step Two!
Draw around your Hairclip!

It's always best to start by making your templates. That way you'll always know how much material you'll need to use.

Take your hairclip and turn it upside down so the flat part is resting on the surface of the paper. Then get a pen or pencil and simply draw around it. I always make sure to leave at least 5mm leeway around each side so that the edge isn't too close to the clip. 

Next cut out your little rectangle of paper and hold onto it. You will use this slip of paper for figuring out just how big you'll need to make your skull design and also to draw around later when we make the back piece. 

Step Three!
Plan out your design!

It's now time to plan out your skull design. So take your slip of paper from the last step and place it down on your paper. Using the slip as a size guide draw your skull so it is a bit taller than the template but make sure its only 2/3s of the length. When it comes to gluing the skull on later, I think it looks much better with the background sticking out each side.

I've free handed the skull design, but if you need some help then please copy, trace or simply print out the one I've provided below. You may need to resize it a little however. Don't want to use my design? Simply find another one on the internet or in a magazine and trace that.

I've added the details onto my paper skull despite the fact we'll be redrawing them later on. This is so I know exactly what it's going to look like before I start cutting.

When your happy with your design, cut it out.

Hold onto your rectangle piece of paper as you will need it later!

Here is a skull template, should you need one. 

Step Four!
Draw around your template!

Take your skull template and place it down on some white craft foam. Use one hand to press it down on the paper firmly and use your other to carefully draw around your skull shape using a pencil. If your finding it hard to draw around your skull template, then you could mount it onto some cardboard which would increase the strength of the edges. 

When your done drawing around your paper, then cut out your skull. You may find that when your done cutting out your craft foam skull that there may be some pencil lines still visible. If that is the case then the side with lines will be the back of your skull. 

Step Five!
Draw on your teeth lines

It's time to start adding some of the details onto your skull, so get your black permanent marker ready. To start you need to add three vertical lines running from the chin upwards. These will form the teeth. 

Step Six!
Draw on your nose!

When your done drawing on the teeth, its time to add the nose. Now you can either draw an upwards pointing triangle or you can draw an upwards pointing arrow head shape. I have chosen an arrowhead shape but either is fine really. 

Step Seven!
Draw on your eyes

Now its time to add the last details to your Skull. So grab your permanent marker pen and draw two large black circles for the eye holes. With the eyes, nose and the teeth all drawn on now your piece of craft foam should really look like a cute cartoon skull. 

Step Eight!
Cut out a back piece

Take your little paper rectangle from its safe place and get ready to make the back piece for your skull to rest on. For this project I've chosen red craft foam as I think it makes the white of the skull pop out.

Place your template down on your red craft foam. I like to place it so it rests along the edge of the craft foam, that way when you draw around it and cut it out you already have a really neat edge. Hold down your template and draw around it using the same method we used to draw the skull.

When your done, grab your scissors and cut it out.

Step Nine!
Glue on your Hairclip

It's time to heat up your Hot Glue gun!

Children will need an adults help at this point!

When your hot glue gun is all hot and ready to go take your plain hair clip and run the glue all the way along the flat metal surface. One the top is covered in glue then quickly flip it over and press it down onto your red piece of craft foam. 

Take care when applying pressure to the clip and foam, as this will cause some of the glue to squish out from under the clip and it can be very hot!

One the glue has cooled down and your craft foam is completely stuck to the clip, you can then trim the edges of your craft foam if you feel it needs to be neatened up a bit. I always like to leave a few millimetres of extra craft foam hanging off the clip but that's just me.

Step Ten!
Glue your skull on!

Before you glue on your skull!

Now you've got your back piece of red craft foam glued onto the hair clip is a good idea to figure out which way up you want it. I like to wear clips on the right side of my head so its best to try the clip on and make sure it points the right way. 

We are very nearly finished now. In fact after this step the rest are all optional so if you didn't want to add any more details you could skip the rest. 

Get your little craft foam skull and apply blob of glue to the middle of its back, make sure you don't apply too much. You don't want any good near the top of its forehead or on its chin as these parts won't be connecting with the red craft foam. When your ready simply press the Skull down over your hair clip and wait for it to dry. 

Step Eleven! (Optional!)
Add a little bow!

This part of my How to Guide is completely optional. I just wanted to add a little bow for no reason what so ever. 

For this step you will need to cut out two little shapes, a small circle and an hourglass shape. I've drawn the two shapes on the image so you can see how I've made the bow up through layering. They can be any colour you like! If you really want to run with the idea you could even apply a little bit of glitter glue.

When your done cutting out both of your shapes its tip to glue them on.

Start with your hourglass shape and very carefully apply a tiny blob of glue to the back. It can be challenging to glue shapes of this size so I suggest turning the gun so it points upwards and gently rubbing the shape along the tip of the barrel so that only a small amount of glue attaches.

I like my bow to sit on the skull in a similar fashion as Hello Kitty, so turn it ever so slightly so its tilted. When you have the hourglass shape glued on, repeat the gluing process with the circle. Then simply press it down in the middle of the hourglass so it looks like the knot of the bow. 

Step Twelve! (Optional)
The final step!

This is the last step, and like the one before it it is completely optional. So feel free to skip it if you like!

Take your Black Permanent Marker Pen and add a few little lines to the red craft foam bow to make it look like its got little creases. I also like to add a few little lines to the back piece just to finish it off. I like the way they look like stitches.

There you have it! Since we've used a glue gun and they cool ultra fast you can now wear your Hair clip. There is no waiting time what so ever.

Thanks for reading!

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